Murray Harrison Miskin, B.A., J.D.

Murray H. Miskin B.A., J.D. – Greater Toronto, Ontario Canada based Arbitrator and Arbitration Teacher


Murray Miskin is one of Canada’s most well known domestic and international arbitrators. He graduated Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto in 1979 and has been a practicing lawyer in Ontario, Canada since 1981 working mainly in civil litigation.  He became actively involved in conflict resolution through arbitration as a lawyer soon after his call to the Bar and has taught arbitration courses since 1985.  As a junior lawyer at a Toronto law firm in 1984, Murray Miskin was asked to develop course materials and teach an advanced arbitration course for the Arbitrators Institute of Ontario.  A similar course had not been offered for several years.  Murray Miskin developed a new course which became the model for arbitration training in Canada.  The Miskin courses were first taught at the University of Toronto through the School of Continuing Studies for the Arbitrators’ Institute of Canada which has evolved into the ADR Institute of Canada. He continues to be the primary arbitration instructor in Ontario for the ADR Institute Certified, “Comprehensive Arbitration Training Course” now offered annually in June in downtown Toronto. Additional specialized courses are being developed in Family Law Arbitration and Condominium Arbitration.

Murray Miskin first acted as an arbitrator in 1987 when selected by two of his former students, who were experienced real estate brokers and arbitrators, to chair a three member arbitration tribunal for a commercial lease renewal rent dispute. Since then Murray has been arbitrator in a number of construction arbitrations, employment and other commercial arbitrations, and also family law, estate and environmental arbitrations.  In the mid 1990s Murray conducted his first international arbitration hearing in Toronto, after being appointed by the court in Florida to determine a franchise product contract dispute with a Florida based franchisor and a Canadian franchisee.

When the current Condominium Act for Ontario came into effect in 2001 bringing mandatory mediation and arbitration of all condominium disputes Murray became extensively involved in condominium arbitration.  He has arbitrated a large number of condominium cases. His condominium litigation experience goes back to 1982 in a dispute over construction quality between the unit owners and the developers of 110 Bloor Street West in Toronto. Murray Miskin was ready to enter this new ADR field as soon as plans were made for mandatory mediation and arbitration of condominium disputes before the enactment of the Condominium Act of 1998 which became law in Ontario in 2001.  Between 1998 and and 2001 he presented seminars in the condominium industry about the new procedures and trained leading condominium lawyers in Arbitration. He went on to arbitrate many condominium cases since the Condominium Act was proclaimed.  Only one of his decisions was appealed with the decision fully upheld by the Judge hearing the appeal and again by the Ontario Court of Appeal which denied leave to appeal. Murray Miskin has applied his own personal experience as a condominium resident in Toronto and in Peterborough and three years as the first President of a large Toronto condominium’s Board of Directors.  He has recently been appointed to take over as arbitrator in a condominium dispute where the original arbitrator has been appointed a judge and had to withdraw from the case, creating a difficult transition requiring special skills from the new arbitrator.  He has carefully used mediation and other efforts to successfully resolve disputes while acting as arbitrator

Murray Miskin has organized a group of Ontario condominium ADR practitioners whose website is    This group includes both senior, intermediate and junior arbitrators and mediators whose services are offered at three price levels to provide a comprehensive ADR panel for condominium disputes across the Province of Ontario.  The same panel is also involved in online dispute resolution (ODR).

Murray Miskin has received international recognition and has won awards  in the field of arbitration, mediation and ADR, and is conducting more international commercial arbitrations. The international work includes arbitrator training in the Caribbean which is being planned with a course to be offered in Nassau Bahamas or in Trinidad under development.  Mr. Miskin was in Trinidad and Grenada in 2015 taking steps towards building the Caribbean arbitration market.  He visited Nassau in the Bahamas in 2016 where there are hopes of developing a major international arbitration centre.  He operates three Caribbean nation focused ADR websites, and  He attended the 2014 American Bar Association (ABA) dispute resolution conference in Miami as a representative of the Canadian Bar Association’s National ADR Section Executive, and was Program Chair for the ABA annual dispute resolution conference held April 2015 in Seattle.  Murray Miskin is ready to travel as needed to conduct arbitrations or provide arbitration training. Our closest major urban centre for arbitration is Toronto, Ontario Canada where Murray regularly conducts arbitrations and offers arbitration courses. The next course will be in June 2016 and demand for the course continues to grow.  Murray Miskin is a member of the Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society.

Call 416-492-0989 or toll free 1-877-428-8000 for further information about Murray Miskin’s ADR services and availability.

Let’s get to work and settle now.

Canadian lawyer, mediator and arbitrator, Murray H. Miskin, who has over 35 years of civil litigation trial practice experience is providing mediation services in construction, estate,  insurance, franchise, banking, personal injury and other civil litigation matters on a regular basis.  He also mediates complex condominium disputes applying his experience as a condominium resident and Condominium Board President.  It really helps to have a mediator who has both the generic skills in mediation plus legal knowledge and the specialized experience of the subject of the dispute for mediation.

Murray Miskin has been an active arbitrator since his first appointment as a Tribunal Chair in 1987.  In February 1998 Murray took comprehensive Mediation training at Osgoode Hall Law School and began to do work as a Mediator mostly with personal injury cases.  He went on to take advanced training from Christopher Moore of Boulder, Colorado.  He was in high demand on the Toronto Superior Court Roster of Mediators which he joined in 1999.  He left the Roster in 2003 when the demand for his services became too high to the point where it interfered with the law practice.  The law practice is still quite busy with help from Murray’s son Daniel Miskin, a recent law school graduate. The law practice is focused on dispute resolution work.  Conflict resolution activities such as mediation and arbitration has been given top priority in scheduling with flexibility in dates. This allows for mediation to be arranged where requested without a long wait for available dates.

Most of Murray Miskin’s work as a lawyer has been in the field of insurance law where he has over 30 years of experience.  He served as Chair of the Insurance Law Section of the Ontario Bar Association  from 2000 to 2001 and the National Insurance Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association from 2003 to 2004.  Murray Miskin is  ideally suited to provide insurance mediation services. He is recognized for his expertise in personal injury claims, which he now mediates on a regular basis.  Murray is the winner of an Acquisition International Law Firm Award for 2012 for his work as a personal injury mediator.  This award was for “Canadian Personal Injury Mediator of the Year”.  He also won the 2013 award for “Ontario Arbitrator of the Year”.

Murray Miskin offers hourly, half-day and full day rates for Mediation Services and does not charge for travel in the Greater Toronto area. He is also available with no travel expense charge for work in the Cobourg, Belleville, Kingston and Ottawa areas.  Work done outside of Southern Ontario and internationally will be billed for travel time and expense.   If you are looking for a highly skilled experienced lawyer to mediate a case you sometimes have to book up to a year ahead.  Murray Miskin has organized his schedule in a way that still keeps most of his time open for work on the law practice which now focuses on class action pharmaceutical cases and US asbestos trust claims brought on behalf of Canadians. This work has time flexibility so that mediations can be booked on short and medium term notice to accommodate the parties and their lawyers.  If you want to mediate within three months we guarantee we will find you one or more available dates.  We can usually book shorter term and have no problem booking dates over three months away if that what you are seeking.  CALL 416-492-0989 to discuss your mediation needs and to book a date.  Angela is our ADR coordinator.  Press 1 on our phone system to speak with Murray or press 3 to speak with Angela.

Canadian Personal Injury Mediator of the Year

Canadian Personal Injury Mediator of the Year

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