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Welcome to adrworks.ca

This website is focused on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and is based in Ontario, Canada.  The website belongs to Murray H. Miskin a Canadian lawyer, arbitrator and mediator who has operated the website adrworks.com since 1997 to promote the use of A.D.R. and his own law firm. Murray Miskin, a 1979 graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School is a practicing lawyer called to the Ontario Bar in 1981. He has been involved in ADR for many years teaching the qualifying Arbitrator Training Course since 1985. The next courses will be in Spring 2013 using a new Monday to Friday 9-5 format for a 40 hour course first used with the June 2012 course. After over 30 years as a civil litigation lawyer, Murray Miskin has shifted his work from primarily litigation in court to providing creative, efficient and effective alternative dispute resolution training and services in southern Ontario, across Canada and internationally. This website is focused on the ADR training and services of Murray H. Miskin.

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  • Angela De Cruz says:

    I am graduating in the Post Graduate Strategic Management Human Resource diploma course and have taken Labour Relations and Employment Law. My background is a B.A in Political Science and Mass Communications.

    I am interested in arbitration and would like to know where and when the course is being held. I am currently away from Toronto doing my final exams in the end of April 2012 so I would appreciate your reply and pray it doesn’t clash with my exam period.
    Thank you kindly, Angela

    • Murray says:

      Angela, No problem the new course will not be in June. Please contact my office when you are back or check here or at our Facebook page.

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